You’re Making Me Blush!

I’m not sure why, but lately I have been in a blush color everything mood. I mean from my accessories to my clothes, everything I’m drawn to is blush color. I think it’s just such a feminine and sweet color without being too bright pink and in your face.



So here are some of my favorite accessories that I’ve been wearing on a daily basis:

  1. Rose gold Apple watch with pink band. I use my Apple watch every day, I walk so much at work and I just love how it tracks everything for me and makes it easy to check my texts & emails without having to take out my phone. Check this baby here.
  1. Zenni Optics Blush glasses. I actually found out about this site from my sister-in-law but I have been loving it and ordering all my glasses from online here now. So if you have prescription glasses but are like me and leave them everywhere and don’t want to spend a million bucks on them, then this is the site for YOU! You just need to know your prescription number for your glasses then pick your frames and order em. Plus they have a feature where you can upload your picture and try on the glasses. I’ve ordered over 4 pairs of glasses from them and they are all great! I get so many compliments on these pink ones too! Check them out here.
  1. CarterLily Ultra Thin Soft Flamingo iPhone case. I’ve been loving everything flamingos lately so I of course had to get this case. Plus, it’s such a great price, how could I not get it?!
  1. Popsockets Expanding Stand & Grip in Blush. My husband actually convinced me to get this little guy to stick on the back of my phone and I have to say, IT’S AWESOME! I can’t imagine doing things on my phone without it. It just helps me hold it and not drop it. Also if you are one for watching videos on your phone it’s a great little stand to prop your phone up for you. Just love it!
  1. Blush Dreamcatcher Necklace. This was actually a gift from my cousin’s wife. She owns a company called Wire Peacock on Etsy and makes these beautiful necklaces and a bunch of other gorgeous stuff! I can tell you I sometimes want to wear this necklace so bad I will plan my whole outfit around it! It’s just that perfect. You can shop all her amazing stuff here

So there you have it, that’s my list of my daily dose of blush. I’m sure the list of things will soon grow but for now I’ll stick to these little goodies and keep blushing on!

Gotta Blush & Rush,


8 thoughts on “You’re Making Me Blush!

  1. I love love LOVE blush also!! And rose gold and copper! I’m totally in my element at the moment as the shops are filled to the brim with blush, rose and copper!!

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