Guilty as Charged!

My List of Guilty Pleasures

Let’s face it, every girl needs her guilty pleasures! Whether it’s to get through a bad day or to try to keep your mind off something, guilty pleasures are a MUST in my book. I definitely have my list of go to things for different occasions that I just love to indulge in every now in then.

So to start things off one of my all-time favorite guilty pleasures is binge watching a show. This is especially my go to when I’ve had a busy week and I finally have a day to myself. The shows of course vary but some of my recent favorites that I have binge watched are Big little lies (HBO), House of cards (Netflix), The falls (Netflix), The office (Netflix), and Parks and Rec (Netflix). Confession: I have probably watched every episode of the office 100 times and I still laugh at it, I can quote you any line. Try me!
Next guilty pleasure is chocolate covered raisins. I eat these any time I got to the movies or just watching a show at home. These little goodies are ALWAYS stocked in my house so I can just grab a couple to eat to satisfy my never-ending chocolate cravings.


Now, when I’ve had like an “OMG, I can’t believe the day I just had” kinda day I reach for my trusty old bartender skills. I worked as a bartender all through undergrad and some of grad school so I love making martinis and drinks at home to help unwind on some nights. Some of my all-time favorite drinks to make are French martinis, Chocolate martinis, Pina coladas, and Old fashions. (If you want the recipes I use just let me know and I’ll post em for ya!)


Lastly, my ultimate guilty pleasure is shopping. I am an Amazon addict. I swear, me with too much time and extra money is a dangerous combination. Before I know it I have 5 boxes showing up at my door in 2 days! I seriously use Amazon for everything though, it’s a must for me to have the Prime account with how much I purchase off there for school, work, and everyday things. But who doesn’t love coming home to packages at the door?!


So there you have it, my guilty pleasures for any occasion. It’s always fun to indulge every now and then.

Stay as you are, Blissfully Bubbly

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